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OGD31 Boron 15 500gm


Product Description-

It is boron fertilizer for all plants and garden . It is an essential micronutrient for regulating plant cell water balance and sugar translocation. It also increase number of flowers and fruits. Boron is also important in plant reproductive system, ensuring healthy pollen development. It also helps in calcium uptake.

Chemical composition: Di sodium tetra borate penta  hydrate – 15 % B

Features and Details –

Water soluble gradual release granulated boron specially design for bulk blend fertilizer direct soil fertilizer application.

It ensures growth and high yield of all crops.

Boron keeps plant green and healthy.

Boron helps in formation of protein and amino acid.

How to apply :

Mix 1 gm / lit of water and use as Foliar spray, Soil application or through drip irrigation.

Do not use under direct sunlight.

Duration of effect: 15 to 20 days from time of application

Frequency of application: 2 to 3 sprays at 15 to 20 days interval at flowering / fruit setting stage.


Weight 1 kg


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