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OGD37 Rose Fertilizer

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Rose Fertilizer (OGD37)
It is a formulated complete food for roses, which provides total care to all the variants of rose plants and have long lasting effects. It boosts the branching and flowering, keeping the rose plant blooming and healthy.

Plant waste, animal waste, natural mineral etc.

• Increase the quantity and enhance the quality of flowers.
• Beneficial Soil Microbes to Increase fertility.
• Boost plant Immunity.
• Balanced nutrition for all indoor and outdoor roses.
• Promotes vibrant colours, beautiful roses and strong root growth.
• Made up of Natural Elements that boosts the plant growth and increases flowering.

Application & Dosage:
• Top dressing for potted plant, apply 30-50 gm before watering the plant early morning or late evening.
• Water the plants immediately after the application.
• Apply the product every 2 weeks.
• Please do not spray or use any ‘chemical fungicide or antibiotic’ 10 days before or after application of Rose Fertilizers

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