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We are the manufacturer of complete range of Very high nutrient Organic Soil Input Fertilizers, Insecticides, Pesticides & other allied products to cover Organic Farming and Gardening.


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Benefits Of Organic Farming

Better Nutrition

Help us stay healthy
Free of Poison

Organic foods are highly Authenticated

Lower Price
Enhanced Taste

Organic farming methods are ECO-Friendly
Longer Self-life

Advantages of Organic Fertilizer

1. Organic fertilizers, besides releasing nutrients for plant’s growth also improves soil structure. The continuous application of organic fertilizers will improve water and nutrients retention of the soil and improve activities or beneficial soil organisms.

2. They release nutrients slowly and so it is difficult to over-fertilize and harm your plants.

3. You avoid the condition of the toxic build-up of chemicals and salts. These chemicals and salts are not good for plants. Moreover, they can wash into nearby waters and underground waters, making them unhealthy for consumption by man or animals.

4. Organic fertilizers are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Also, they are renewable and biodegradable.

5. Organic fertilizers can be made from household biodegradable waste such as kitchen waste, plant leaves and other plant residues.