Types of Organic Fertilizers

Following are the different types of organic fertilizers: Dry Organic fertilizers: Liquid Organic fertilizers Growth enhancers Dry Organic Fertilizers: Dry organic fertilizers may contain of a solo material, such like rock phosphate or a type of nutrient-rich seaweed (Kelp), or it may be a mixture of many ingredients. Generally, all organic fertilizers provide a huge …

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Organic Fertilizers

Now a days we hear a lot about using organic product, but certainly what exactly are they? If you ever visit a plantation center, you might encounter the organic section of products with fertilizers, pesticides, soil and compost. How organic fertilizers are different from the synthetic or non-organic fertilizers? For organic gardening practitioners, a soil …

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You can choose the right product if you know the plant requirements during different stages of their life cycle. What is NPK? Any plant need NPK (N:Nitrogen, P: Phosporus, K: Potassium) as a major nutrients which you can consider foods to grow , flower and product fruit. It is time to feed plants and plant …

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