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Types of Organic Fertilizers

Following are the different types of organic fertilizers:

  1. Dry Organic fertilizers:
  2. Liquid Organic fertilizers
  3. Growth enhancers

Dry Organic Fertilizers:

Dry organic fertilizers may contain of a solo material, such like rock phosphate or a type of nutrient-rich seaweed (Kelp), or it may be a mixture of many ingredients. Generally, all organic fertilizers provide a huge amount of natural nutrients, but mixtures are specially formulated to emphasis balanced amounts of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, as well as micronutrients. There are several commercial fertilizers, but you can make your own general-purpose fertilizer by blending individual modifications.Organic Fertilizer Manufactures India.

The most usual way to use dry fertilizer is as they are mixed up in the soil during the plantation. These types of fertilizers are used for a longer term of seedlings, plantation and in crops also.

Liquid Organic Fertilizers:

We all know that plants can absorb liquid fertilizers through their roots and also from their leaf pores. Liquid Organic fertilizers are poured the soil of the plant, which can be easily absorbed by the roots. Liquid Fertilizers can also be sprayed at the plants foliage, these are used in vegetables and fruits during the pollination of flowers.

Liquid Fertilizers are used for two weeks or every month of the growing months and pollination of flowers. These fertilizers are applied in the early morning and evening, plants can easily absorb the liquid fertilizers and did not harm the foilage.

Growth Enhancers:

Growth enhancers are not basically fertilizers they give the boost up to the power of plants to absorb the nutrients from the soil. Kelp is the most usual growth enhancer used by the farmers. These fertilizers are can be of both dry and liquid form.

How to use organic fertilizers?

Organic fertilizers are used same as the Chemical fertilizers. Just buy an organic pre-made supplies and use it as per the instruction mentioned in it. But keep in mind that don’t over do it as it may result in the burn of roots or it may even kill the sensitive plants.Buy Organic Fertilizer Online India

How to apply dry organic fertilizers?

  • Follow the mentioned instructions before using the fertilizers.
  • Dry organic fertilizers are usually applied before planting, just add one layer of dry organic fertilizers to the soil.
  • Now rake the soil, so that fertilizers reach up to 4 to 6 inches in the soil.
  • Side dressing plants with dry organic fertilizers during the pollination season also provide necessary nutritional elements.

How to use Liquid organic Fertilizers?

  • Follow the mentioned instructions.
  • Liquid fertilizers is applied during the early morning and evening time.
  • Sprayer used must have finest mists and drops.
  • Liquid fertilizer must be sprayed on the foliage and on the ground too.

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