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OGD18 Soil Disinfectant -2kg

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It is a preventive organic pesticide against all major pest and pathogens present in soil formulated by highly quali ied and experienced scientists. It is an approved input for Organic Agriculture. Suitable for all types of gardening viz. terrace garden, vegetables, fruits, flowers. Biodegradable, Environment Friendly, No Chemicals.


  • OGD18 is effective in the management
    of insects and pests in the soil.
  • It protects plants roots from nematodes, soil grubs and white ants.
  • It also contains very high nutrient hence it can be use as natural fertilizer
  • It also reduces alkalinity in soil, as it produces organic acids on decomposition.
  • Being totally natural, it is compatible with soil microbes and rhizosphere microflora and hence ensures fertility of the soil.
  • OGD18 improves the organic matter content of the soil, helping improve soil texture, water holding capacity, and soil aeration for better root development.
  • Effectively controls hundreds of insects. Suitable for terrace garden, vegetables, fruits, flowers.


Combination of botanical extract.

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How to Apply

During soil preparation apply 30 to 40gms of OGD18 per plant as soil application and subsequently 10 to 20gms as per crops need.

It can also be mixed with soil and apply on and around the roots of the plants, Vegetables, bushes and trees, will have a remarkable result in the improvement of the plant immunity.


Care Instructions

  • Store in cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • If ingested seek medical advice immediately.


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