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OGD19 Plant Root Disinfectant-250ml

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It is a preventive organic pesticide against all major pest and diseases from all planting material viz. seed, bulb, seedling formulated by highly qualiƒied and experienced scientists. It is an approved input for Organic Agriculture.


  • Provides protection against early insect pests and diseases
  • Very helpful in the development of a optimal crop establishment and yield production.
  • This treatment benefits culminate in healthy, uniform plants, resulting in higher grain quality and yield potential.

Composition :

Combination of botanical extract

Recommendation :

Suitable for all planting materials. It acts as a preventive vaccine against pest and diseases. It also has highly curative properties. It also has highly curative properties.It prevents and cures broad spectrum diseases of Bacteria, Fungus, Viral origin and some pests present in planting material.

How to Apply

Seed/bulb-Dip the seed/ bulb in the OGD 19 for 1 hr before sowing. Seedling-Make the solution of OGD-19 and water in the ratio of 1:10 and irrigate with this mixture regularly till 3days after transplantion.


As storage and use of this product is beyond the control of manufacturer /Distributer or seller they make no warranty expressed or implied other than the quality of product.

Care Instructions :

  • Store in cool and dry place
  • PKeep out of reach of children
  • If ingested seek medical advice immediately.
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