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OGD21 All Purpose Pesticides-100+30gm

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It is an organic pesticide against all major Garden/Agricultural pests. It is an approved input for Organic Agriculture.

Suitability: Terrace garden, vegetable plant, fruiting plant and flowering plant.

Ingredient: Plant oil extract and herb.

Effect against: Thrips, Whitefly, Aphid, Caterpillar, Scale insects, Mealybug and other relevant pests.

Special Benefits:


  • It doesn’t bother other beneficial insects like ladybugs, earthworms, parasitic wasps, spiders, or adult butterflies.
  • Biodegradable, Environment Friendly, No Chemicals.

How to prepare the solution:


This packet consists of liquid pesticide and solid /powder pesticide. You must mix these two ingredients with water before application.

How to prepare the solution:

Mixing Ratio: In one liter of water mix 10 ml of liquid pesticide and 3 gm of pesticide powder or in same ratio for smaller or bigger quantity.



  • Step 1: Wear goggles and mask while handling OGD 21.
  • Step 2:Take 1 liter of water in a bottle then add 3 grams of pesticide powder. Use warm water if the ambient temperature is low.
  • Step 3:Stir thoroughly till it forms a soapy solution.
  • Step 4:Add 10 ml of liquid pesticide to the soapy solution.
  • Step 5:Again, Stir it thoroughly.
  • Step 6:Now, it is ready to Spray. Use suitable equipment to avoid nozzle clogging.

When to Apply:


  • Please wash the sprayer including pump, pipe and nossel with hot water 3-4 times and again with cold water. Add required quantity of this pesticide and add water for thorough mixing
  • Spray only in the late afternoon when there are no sunrays in the field.

Care Instructions:


  • Store in cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
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4 reviews for OGD21 All Purpose Pesticides-100+30gm

  1. Nikita lal

    Very effective product. Used against aphids

  2. Atul kumar

    It killed aphids and spider mites both

  3. Kavya Suman

    very effective against garden pest

  4. Ruchi pradhan

    Very effective

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