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OGD20 All Purpose Virus Killer-250ml

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It is a highly potent formulation with highly curative property formulated by highly qualiied and experienced scientists. It controls and cure leaf curling due to pest damage or due to
Gemini virus in chilli , cotton and all other crops. A single spray of this organic formulation immediately controls the disease and repairs the damage of leaf tissue straightens the leaves. Also effective in cure of other viral diseases. It is suitable for all crops. It is an approved input for Organic Agriculture.

Benefits :


  • Suitable for all crops.
  • Prevents and control of all Viral diseases.
  • Totally non-toxic, safe and ecofriendly.

Composition :


Combination of botanical extract.

How to Apply :


  • Dose at the rate of 2 ml per ltr. of water should be mixed thoroughly and sprayed profusely also on the underside of the leaves. It should be repeated in next 12-15 days if the disease is not fully controlled. Maximum 2 spray should be enough to straighten the leaves
  • If even after 2 spray the result are not seen it is not curable at all hence not necessary to spray again. Or seller they make no warranty expressed or implied other than the quality of product.

Caution :


  • Please wash the sprayer including pump, pipe and nossel with hot water 3-4 times and again with cold water. Add required quantity of this pesticide and add water for thorough mixing
  • Spray only in the late afternoon when there are no sunrays in the field.

Warranty :


As storage and use of this product is beyond the control of manufacturer / Distributer

Weight .250 kg


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