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OGD2 Leaf & Lawn Fertilizer-1kg

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It is an innovative scientifically enhanced leaf and lawn fertilizer. It is having high nitrogen for vegetative growth and balanced phosphorus and potassium for strong root growth of leafy plants and lawns.

Nutrition Value

1 Nitrogen 10%
2 Phosphorus 7%
3 Potasium 4%


  • It functions to add humus and organic matter to the soil which Provides bioavailable nutrients to the plants.
  • It provides fast/better growth and healthier leafy plants and lawn.
  • Much better root development happens by adding this fertilizer.
  • It enhances the quality and quantity of leaves. Hence.
  • Enhances plant growth and increase the immunity to ight with pests and diseases.
  • Improves soil health.
  • Provides all essential micro and macro nutrients
  • Slowly and contentiously releases nutrients for almost a month after the applying to the soil. It also keeps the soil nourished.


  • Improves soil quality
  • Helps to balance soil pH
  • Completely organic product
  • 100% Chemical free
  • It is free flowing easy to apply.

How to Use?

  • 1.Leafy Vegetable Gardens & Flower Beds
    Apply 0.5-1 kg per 100 sq. ft. and thoroughly mix into the top 3″ of soil for establishing new garden and top dressing in every month for regular growth.
  • 2.Containers
    Mix 50 gms fertilizer per gallon of soil and mix thoroughly for new plant and top dressing in every month for regular growth.



Apply this fertilizer during early morning or late evening. Water the plants immediately after the application.
Sprinkle Lawn Fertilizer on dryday.don’t sprinkle on heavy rainy day

Care Instructions

  • Keep the pouch in the dry area.
  • Do not keep the pouch open for a long time.
  • The pouch should be tightly closed and stored in dry space after use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • If swallowed, seek; take medical advice
Weight 1.00 kg

2 reviews for OGD2 Leaf & Lawn Fertilizer-1kg

  1. Saurav Patel

    It really works.

  2. Deepak Das

    My plant love this food.

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