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OGD9 High Nutrient Potting Soil-10kg

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It is an innovative scienti‹ically formulated Potting Soil. Product has been developed by natural and organic components and having all plant nutrients.

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  • This potting soil consist of very high-qualityingredients which provides natural soil environment to all kind of gardening pots.
  • It is normally referred as living medium because it provides conducive environment for different kind of microbes like bacteria, fungi and nematode.
  • Potting soils are better at retaining water and thus can remain moist for longer periods
  • It is light and generally less cumbersome to work on.
  • The main purpose of potting soil is to support vegetation and provide an enabling environment for microbes to break down organic matters.
  • This soil not easily get compact if placed in a container and ideal for the growth of roots.
  • Environment friendly and having Excellent water holding capacity.
  • No harmful chemicals and Provides best environment to the plant’s roots.
  • It has Excellent air porosity and Can be used to grow all type of plants.


Where to use?

  • To fill pots containers, vertical gardens, bio walls for growing Plants.
  • To prepare raised beds for growing Plants.
  • To repot plants.
  • To amend existing soil in pots.


Care Instructions

  • Keep this product away from the reach of children below 3 years
  • Store this soil in cool & dry place.


Special Note

  • This soil does not contain any specialized fertilizer like flowering or fruiting boosters.
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