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OGD15 Flower Pesticide Cum Vaccine-250ml

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It is a preventive vaccine against all major pest and diseases formulated by highly qualified and experienced scientists.
It is suitable for all lowering plants. It is an approved input for Organic Agriculture.


  • Totally non-toxic, safe and ecofriendly.
  • Requires only 2-3 spray per season against 10-15 chemical spray thus substantially cuts cost on labor and inputs.
  • 400 ml formulation covers one acre per spray @of 2 ml per liter. Thus, even with 3 sprays maximum cost per season is much lesser than the chemical spray costing.
  • Suitable for all flowering plants.
  • Prevents and control of Bacterial, Fungal and Viral diseases

Composition :


Botanical extract of Eupatorium, Ipomoea, Lactic Acid and Nano Molecules with proprietary synergists, prepared under special process.

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Recommendation :


  • Prepared specially for all Vegetables and fruit crops. It acts as a preventive vaccine against pest and diseases. It has also very high curative properties.
  • It prevents and cures broad spectrum diseases of Bacteria Fungus, Viral origin and some sucking pests. A single spray of this formulation gives a protective shield to the plant.


Application :

  • Spray 2ml/ltr after 10-15 days of transplanting. The spray there after should be done 1 ml per ltr. within in 25 – 30 days or earlier if the sign of any disease or pest is seen. It should be repeated after 15-20 days if the symptom reappears.
  • In case seed has not been treated chemically it can be treated 2ml per ltr foiar spray should br done @5ml per ltr. of plain water after 4 – 5 days of germination in nursery.




This plant food applied around the plant and away from the plant main stem.

Care Instructions :


  • Pour 2ml per liter and mix thoroughly. Apply profusely as foliar spray after 15-20 days of sprouting or transplanting or earlier if any sign of disease or pest will appear. Keep a watch on the plant and spray again if new signs of pest or disease are seen. In severe infestation weekly spray on the plant may be required. It is not necessary to spray repeatably on the entire field but only the infested plant or only in the infected area.
  • Please wash the sprayer including pump, pipe and nozzle with hot water 3-4 times and again with cold water. Add required quantity of this pesticide and add water for thorough mixing.
  • Spray only in the late afternoon when there are no sunrays in the field
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