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OGD17 All Purpose Insecticide-250ml

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It is a Pest controller. It is naturally prepared by herbal ingredients. All kinds of visible and invisible pests can be controlled and can be prevented by this product.



  • It is natural origin and non-toxic to human beings, non- carcinogenic thereby making it a safe convenient and easy to use product that leaves no residues.
  • No harmful effects seen on crop plant, rather it helps in growth and benefits the plant
  • The product self-life itself is 36 months.
  • Zero residues.

Composition :


Combination of botanical extract and animal wastes

Application & Efficiency

Mix this product in the recommended proportion and spray throughly using battrey operated sprayer. Efficiently sffective within 2 to 5 days of spray. There should not be rained and watered before and after 4 hours of spray.

How it works

Made up of herbal ingredients; after spray it prevents the plant by creating an unfavorable condition for the pest for its growth and development. It prevents and cures broad spectrum of common pests and sucking pests along with red spider, looper, laravae etc.


5-7.5 ml/per ltr. of Water.


This plant food applies around the plant and away from the plant main stem.

Direction of use :

  • Shake well before use.
  • Spray properly, use good quality sticker/penetrator and maintain pH of water
  • Use early in the morning in presence of sunlight.
  • Don’t be mixed with other products.
  • There should not be rained and watered before and after 4 hours of spray.
  • Repeat application may be required on larger weeds and to maintain desirable level of weed management.

User Saftey Recommendation :

  • Wash hands thoroughly before eating or drinking.
  • Remove clothing immediately if the product comes in contact with it and wash it thoroughly.
  • If on skin or clothing, take of contaminated clothing, rinse skin immediately with plenty of water
  • If inhaled, move person to fresh air and seek medical attention.
  • If swallowed get medical attention

Environmental Hazards

Do not apply directly to water area where surface water is present. Do not contaminate water when disposing of equipment/containers. Percentages of active constituents are subject to change or vary depending upon storage condition and exposure to heat or sunlight

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