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Best Organic Fertilizers for Plants and Fruits

If you are very new to gardening and did not know anything about gardening?  How a seed or plant put in the soil and how exactly growing process works. Plants require different types of nutrients that are present in the soil. The best combination for growth of plant is very important.

Organic fertilizers for vegetables

Here are some of the best organic fertilizer examples for vegetables.


Compost is the one of the best-fertilizer which is widely used for the vegetables, it is an organic matter decomposed by the procedure known as composting. Compost is made up of the waste materials such as kitchen waste, animal waste, etc. It is very rich in nutrients which is suitable for vegetables. This process includes the dumping of the waste into the soil before using it as fertilizers. Hence it is beneficial in improvising soil health, generating microorganisms and earthworms which help in the growth of the plants.

Herbivore Manures

Herbivore manures are the best organic fertilizers for farming. Herbivore manures from animal wastes such as cow dungs, goat wastes, buffalo dungs etc.  But never use manure from dogs, cats, or human manures. The best way to use manure is to mix it with hay, straws and set it out for compost before using.


Vermicompost is the best organic fertilizer for vegetables. This product is made up of decomposition of various species of worms, generally white worms, earthworms, red wigglers to make a mixture of decomposing vegetable or food waste, bedding materials, and vermicast. Vermicompost contains water-soluble nutrients and rich level nutrients organic fertilizer and soil conditioner.

Fish and Seaweed Emulsions

The best way to improve soil nutrients is by using fish and seaweed fertilizers. This provides adequate amount of nutrients to feed a plant. These organic fertilizers come in liquid form and are mixture with water, then direct spray it over the leaves so that they can feed on it.

Commercial Organic Fertilizers

There are lots of commercial organic fertilizers which are best for soil and plants.


We have a huge number of organic fertilizers in our website. Please keep in mind that you don’t use them before proper knowledge about the fertilizers. Choose the best and easy method and less time consuming for which you are trying to help your garden with.

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