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Benefits of Organic Fertilizers over Chemical Fertilizers

As we know that both organic and Chemical fertilizers have their own benefits and features. But in organic gardening, we look into the health of soil and plants but the chemical fertilizers destroy the fertility of the soil. Organic fertilizer Online enhances the soil fertility and ensures the health of the garden for the better tomorrow.

Benefits of Organic fertilizers

There are lots of benefits of using organic fertilizers, some of them are enlisted below:

Organic Fertilizer enhances the fertility of soil:

Organic fertilizers enhance the soil fertility, granting it to hold water longer time, and increase the bacterial and fungal activity in the soil. So, they not only help your plants to grow, but they also help the soil. On the other hand, Chemical fertilizers destroy the soil of its nutrients, making it unproductive in the future.

Organic fertilizers are easy to use:

Organic fertilizers are just as easy to use as compared to chemical fertilizers. Adding them to soil directly or spraying liquid organic fertilizers on leaves. However, using organic fertilizers, add endless benefits to your garden while rendering the same amount of convenience and ease as chemical fertilizers.

Slow release of nutrients from soil:

When organic fertilizers are mixed with the soil, the nutrients are absorbed by the roots of the plant. When they are mixed with the soil the microorganisms like bacteria work with the organic fertilizers to break it up and release nutrients. Thus, it is a slow process and does not burn the roots of the plant and many nutrients are available for the plant. On the other hand, Chemical fertilizers immediately mixed up with the soil and plants can absorb too much nutrients which can harm the plant and cause root burn to the plant.

Organic fertilizers are safe and Environment Friendly

Organic fertilizers are safe for the environment your family, and your pets. While, Chemical fertilizers require a significant amount of fossil fuels to produce and process and often runoff into nearby water sources like streams and lakes. Hence it causes pollution to environment.

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